Digital Transformation at Enterprise Touch is accelerating business by applying technologies on processes, operations, strategies for performance improvement in creating a positive impact on the bottom-line. And technology adoption alone may not be sufficient for achieving digital transformation, instead, organizations need a complete rethink of strategies to bring everything onto an elevated platform. And Enterprise Mobility plays a vital part in digital transformation for any organization and it ensures the readiness for digital transformation . Mobility i s considered an integral part of the digital transformation to clutch benefits like better access to information, increased productivity, improved efficiency and to bring down operational cost. Ideal digital transformation process needs a rethink on mobility initiatives in a broader sense, and not just being increasingly digital.

Forward – thinking global organizations see their employees being empowered, engaged and informed by putting on-demand data and futuristic capabilities at their fingertips using enterprise mobility. Getting the right mix of operational efficiency increas e and better end- user expectations on customer experience is of paramount . Many enterprise applications get scrapped and abandoned owing to reasons like apps lack needed functionality and no proper design of backend data for mobile readiness. The aforementioned challenges need to be addresse d to enjoy the complete power of enterprise mobility for a truer digital transformation.

Focusing on user experience , impacting business outcome as envisioned and adhering to the flow of business processes ; enterprise mobility greatly impacts a successful digital transformation. Digital transformation ideally starts with mobile apps. They can surely transform the way business es are done. Digital transformation journey is often exhaustive and not direct, with getting few successful mobility applications into business one can set the stage and momentum for transformation.

Digital Transformation invariably is process transformation , operations transformation and the transformation of relationships with end – users. Digitally transforming People, Process , and Operations gracefully from traditional working method to a new and updated model that leverages the advantages of the later encapsulates digital transformation as a whole. Have a look into a brief on each of these elements of digital transformation below and find out how enterprise mobility plays its part.

Process Transformation

Process transformation may be the ideal place to start digital transformation for organization s . Taking organizations ’ process to the next level wherein existing process is disrupted entirely and in place get ting a new process that is modern, automated, and more user – friendly . Process Transformation with the best use of technological advances addresses various pain points in the existing process systems quickly and more productiv ely . It should aim to change the outlook of how the organization work s to succeed in improving end-user experiences, positively impacting productivity, chopping overheads, creating people empowerment, rapid feedback aiding decision making. Digital transformation is not just addressing UI digitally it primarily should be an enabler in addressing underlying end-to-end processes along with back-end orchestration of all the data. Enterprise mobility solutions that cover all the pain points in mobilizing the entire business processes across modules getting the whole organization under its spell, is a sure step in enabling a comprehensive digital transformation.

Operations Transformation

Industry-agnostic businesses use the power of digital tools and the capabilities of mobility to improve collaboration, accelerate decision making and to gain better visibility into their entire operations. Transforming business process management, ERP and other day-to-day tasks and processes reduce inefficiencies and with a holistic view into entire operations, any organization can improve collaboration greatly and can become more efficient in all the aspects of their business. Enterprise mobility to bring transformation in operations impacting the whole picture of digital transformation keeps the organization at a competitive pace and maintain s accelerated business growth. This is the true essence of transformation.

End-user Experience Transformation

Digital transformation is primarily driven by the customer, end-user , and consumer of organizations’ products or services. “Customer-First” approach is vouched by almost all the organizations globally. So the transformation of customer experience successfully seals digital transformation for your company. To have relevant on-demand data and content any time anywhere on any device is now the bare minimum expectation of the customer. To keep the “always-connected” customers happy and better informed, business es must embrace transformation using upbeat technologies to deliver an unmatched user experience. Having the right technological backing to support the transformation of end – user experience, embrace enterprise mobility that sits on an agile and flexible IT environment. With successful enterprise mobility, c ustomer experience that is personalized and seamless across multichannel helps businesses achieve a successful digital transformation

For staying competitive, aligning organization’s digital transformation strategy with entire customer journey is of paramount. There are few prime considerations for aligning digital transformation strategy for the organization. This greatly improves customer satisfaction, retention and improves their profitability.

To sum it up, digital transformation service providers drive change s through mobilizing enterprise and provides a wealth of opportunities to organizations world over. Industry-agnostic companies across regions are experimenting with and are benefiting from enterprise mobility leading to digital transformation. In conclusion , create consistent and scalable enterprise mobility to enjoy digital transformation in its wholeness.

Enterprise Touch as a digital transformation company enables organizations’ process efficiency and business acceleration. With Enterprise Touch, embark on a transformation journey to hyper-connect stakeholders and processes in the organization’s business ecosystem. We help transform business- critical processes of varied industries. Our offerings include Digital Transformation in BFSI organizations, Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing sector, Digital Transformation Public Sector & e-Government Transformation, Digital Transformation in the Transportation industry, Digital Transformation in Education Sector etc.

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