Beneficial Strategic Alliance with Managed Service Provider

Digital transformation within organization is the key to take businesses to new heights. Enterprise grade applications be it mobile, desktop or web can’t be ignored. Developing in-house apps with complex set of technical skills and knowledge will have its own time and budget constraints. Collaborating with partners offering application development managed services help s in realizing digital transformation goals successfully

Retainer Model - Digital Transformation Offshore Application Development As A Service

Application development managed services for digital transformation is a beneficial strategic alliance and an engagement framework that defines collaboration depending on the level of control and responsibility that customers’ envisage. Enterprise Touch offers simple retainer model for customer companies in their digital transformation initiative through technologies, skill set and infrastructure. Our retainer model caters to digital transformation through enterprise mobility offshore application development as a service

Enterprise Touch as an offshore application development partner , rapid team deployment along with world class infrastructure is our asset to jump start Digital Transformation. We offer managed services through Time and Material business model where the desired skilled resources will work as an extended staff for project and duration specified by customers . Gathering overall competence i n delivering enterprise applications for process automation, we excel in bringing valued advantage to customer business through offshore development services . With retainer model , having time tested proven framework and methodologies readily in place , digital transformation solutions’ time-to-market is swift.

When to go for retainer model?
  • Requirements are on going and on-demand
  • Utilize wide range of services, capabilities and skills
  • Long term multiple deliverable for projects

As a managed service provider, we offer solutions that includes mobility and custom application development with the complete ecosystem to support and succeed.The dedicated project delivery and management team ensures smooth execution of project making sure there are no interruptions on change management.

Customer Advantage with Offshore Development Services

  • Versatile - Team flexible to work on your time and calender
  • On board/Off board - Easy ramp up and ramp down as per project demands
  • Operate -Integrated development environment for process transformation
  • Lifecycle - Development,QA, Deployment, Monitoring and Management
  • Resource pool - Choose the needed expertise and skill set
  • Expertise - Business process transformation on wide range of industry sectors
  • CoE - Dedicated project development & management team with process expertise
  • Partnership - Flexible & adaptive engagement for long term collaboration
  • Sense of Ownership - Committed to ensure smooth project execution
  • Value For Investment - Extended staff, extended services & all capable infrastructure
Business Continuity Infrastructure
  • SEZ Approved 400 Seated Facility
  • Redundant High Speed Network
  • Information Security Management
  • Uninterrupted Power Management
  • Cummunication Management
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Change & Configuration Management
  • License Management Test Infrastructure
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