Rich interactions, simplified Employee Self Service process to empower employees
Ooredoo is a leading international communications company with a customer base of more than 100 million across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Ooredoo, Oman the Sultanate's customer-friendly communications provider, offers great value, pleasingly different service and excellent quality. Ooredoo’s focus is to bring the best technological advances into its offerings to their end-customers.

Offering Ooredoo’s 1000+ employees at Oman, who strive for keeping end-customers happy, Ooredoo equally focuses on making HR ESS services easy to their employees. Ooredoo was looking to offer intuitiveness-fused pleasing B2E application.


Studying the challenges, Enterprise Touch built HRMS ESS app to mobilize Ooredoo’s existing processes to offer Employee Self Service on-the-move. It helps employees with accurate reporting and streamlined work flow. Enterprise Touch’s ET Core product with built-in connectors to mobilize eBS along with OutSystems capability as the low-code rapid platform delivers the application incredibly fast.


Improved efficiency of ESS tasks

Admin roles to user management

Intuitively fascinating employee dashboard

View For your Information/ For your Approvals

Approve /Reject For your Approvals

Voting/ Campaigns

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