Innovation in Education Sector at the behest of Digital Transformation.
GEMS Education, founded as Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), is an international education company, a global network of award-winning kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the Middle East, Europe, US & Asia. It is the largest operator of in the world, with    a network of over 70 schools in over a dozen countries focusing on technological innovation to revolutionize the education sector.

GEMS Education, always ahead in embracing technology into their system in very many possible ways, ideated to bring together various stakeholders associated with GEMS Education to participate in the school-related activities like communicating, financial transacting, accessing student data, tracking transport and much more. GEMS was looking to develop a unified portal for developing and implementing applications that provide an unparalleled customer experience to parents of existing students, potential students, and teachers and key players in GEMS Education ecosystem.


Enterprise Touch proposed an application for GEMS Education offered as a unified portal on an enterprise mobility platform that enables rapid app development and deployment capability for the diverse ecosystem of services & education needs. This application consolidates the diverse set of services into one platform, for both, parents of existing students and potential students. The solution is built on OutSystems, a low-code, rapid application development platform. Enterprise Touch & OutSystems together built a beautiful and unique experience to transform GEMS Education’s services in a way that is refreshing to the end-user with innovative and intuitive features for various stakeholders accessing GEMS Education’s services through mobile and web applications.


English/ Arabic Support

AI Enabled Chat for real-time communication

3D touch and facial recognition for intuitive app access

Attendance & leave tracker

Review student performance

  Real-time bus tracker

Manage Fees & Payments

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