Explore how Mobility along with Drone helped Daimler-Benz to drive innovation in tech aided car parking more exciting
Research and development is the driving force for the technological future of Daimler and guaranties first-class products for Mercedes-Benz Cars. Daimler works towards innovative, future-oriented products and highly efficient development processes. In a close partnership with all business areas, Daimler is committed to implement visions of research and advanced Engineering in its products.

Daimler is well known for bringing innovations not only in its products but also for contributing equally in finding new ways to excel services associated to automobile by adopting new technologies, car parking management is one such area. The R&D division of Daimler decided to develop mobile based application to find the available spaces, track, book and manage the parking slots with use of advanced drone devices and systems. Daimler was vying the feasibility of the project both as B2B and B2C application.


Enterprise Touch with its collective experience in handling enterprise mobile applications extended its capability to newer evolving technologies like drone to successfully carry out R&D and analyse and report the success of the project – Parkcopter. User logs in to Parkcopter application and connects to drone via in-built Wi-Fi, searches through parking slots. The parking space through Drone’s camera capture is seen on user’s mobile as a video. Once user zeroes in on the slot, parks the vehicle in the available slot. User can get the exact position of parking through this application that aids to retrieve the vehicle later.


Finding parking slot, parking the vehicle and retrieving was successfully tested when the drone gets right GPS position triangulation. When GPS strength is not strong enough in places like underground, basement etc, extensive R&D was carried out to fly the drone. Alternate methods of flying the drone in absence of or minimal satellite signal was researched and documented for further study.


Flying the drone with manual instructions when GPS signal is not strong enough.

New algorithm for drone movement when GPS signal is a challenge.

Possible enhancement using QR code to capture empty parking slots instead of searching the slots through video.

Step Forward

Enterprise Touch’s capability to undertake R&D for Daimler taking into consideration extensive use cases dwells on insights into viability of using drone for vehicle parking solution giving Benz head start to succeed in technological advancements.

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