Game-changing digital transformation on Neutrinos Platform

As low-code experts, our affinity towards the platforms that offer low-code is high. Partnership with Neutrinos empowers us in delivering applications at the speed of thought. Build innovative enterprise-grade applications, even if complex, in matter of days. Enterprise Touch’s Neutrinos platform capabilities accelerates value creation.

Partnership with Neutrinos Low Code Application Development Platform

We at Enterprise Touch are very happy to announce a partnership with Neutrinos to deliver Enterprise Grade apps combined with their advanced services, scale and global reach.

About Neutrinos:

Neutrinos is a low-code application development platform that allows you to quickly build applications for various devices. You can build a variety of applications for web, mobile, and IoT capabilities, by using the in-built drag and drop features in a matter of days.

Advantages of using this platform:

  • Businesses experience long lead times while hiring new developers; or their developers have too much work to handle and are hard-pressed for project execution time. Neutrinos Low-code Application Development Platform fills this gap and provides tools to help organizations meet business demands.
  • Neutrinos Low-code Application Development Platform involves deploying either on the cloud or on premise, which means applications can be up and running quickly and readily available to end users. With its self- service model and easy provisioning of services, Low-code Application Development Platform is relatively easy for businesses to adopt.
  • Neutrinos helps developers rapidly build enterprise-grade apps on advanced technologies than can readily integrate with 100s of 3rdparty enterprise systems. Neutrinos can be integrated with various systems such as ERP including SAP, relational and non-relational databases, Algorithm hubs, IoT Gateways, and applications. Users can build easily and fully, integrated high performance solutions.
  • On cloud applications also help ensure highest level of security and compliance that particularly banking, insurance and other financial services companies need to be stringent about.
  • Neutrinos Low-code Application Development Platform enables seamless delivery of mobile, web and multi-experience apps by reducing the amount of coding and enable accelerated delivery of business applications by producing entirely operational applications

Neutrinos recognition by Gartner

Neutrinos has been recognised by Gartner as the top 18 Enterprise Low-Code Application Development Platform by “Voice of the Customer Choice”. Neutrinos is headquartered in Singapore and has operations across South Africa, South East Asia, India, and the USA.

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