Facilities and asset management is primal in delivering environment that supports various aspects of maintenance related to physical assets, equipment, office campuses etc. By integrating smartness into facilities management, organizations can aim to bring distinctive elements together. Upon streamlining and managing facilities/assets through digital transformation, cost overhead incurred by manpower ramp up to oversee can be cut substantially. Mobilizing facilities management solutions elevates user experience and brings down response times, wherein business focused organizational priorities can be achieved.

Digitizing facilities management process increases visibility with real-time information on enterprise-wide work-order creating, tracking and managing, all on the go. When the facilities/assets are spread out across multiple sites, handling them would be a herculean task. With ever mounting pressure to reduce costs, facilities managers struggle with resource allocation to oversee regular tasks. With innovative solutions, facilities management mobility makes the work force job easier for the organizations that strives to offer a thriving environment.

Facilities management across industries savour these benefits with Digital Transformation in general.

Elevate user experience
Improve performance
Capture Data on the Go
Visualize the enterprise as a whole
Make Data-Driven informed decisions
Swift diagnosis and automated intelligence
Ease of use


Digitally transform student experience

Educational institutions today are going global by developing systems, environments and pedagogy to attract multi cultured students community across nations. Elevating student’s experience, institutions are looking for smart solutions to carry out business as usual more efficiently and effectively. Having a transformed facilities management in place attract students to be a part of such an institution that offer ultimate on-campus experience.

Catering resources to stakeholder community within facility that offers unparalleled education to vibrant cultured students, education institutions may face numerable challenges. Manually resolving facilities management issues becomes tedious and time consuming snowballing into compromised productivity and efficiency in workplace.To be a successful and sought-after campus, managing assets and inventory effectively is a prime concern that needs immediate smart solution that is developed and deployed rapidly.

Revolutionizing the way assets and facilities management is carried out in education institutions with its multiple locations across borders, Enterprise Touch leverages versatility with custom facilities management transformation solutions offering the following benefits.

Submit real-time service request for accommodation, catering and transportation

Manage assign and enable work orders from anywhere

Stamp out cost and time over heads

Productive and efficient environment as all transactions are on mobile

Optimize developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets

By bringing mobile advantage in managing Assets and Facilities, find out how Enterprise Touch stands out in transforming business processes digitally. Check us at https://goo.gl/KC6TzX

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