Rapid Application Development

With the increase of applications for all kind of needs in today’s technological world, it is pertinent to develop an app as quickly as possible. This increased the necessity of Rapid Application Development (RAD) which signifies more on adaptive process rather than the planning. RAD technology reduces nearly 60 % of the time taken for making an app. This has made RAD platform popular around the world and preferred by many mobile application development services.

What is RMAD?

Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) is the mobile counterpart of rapid application development. RMAD uses programming tools with less code or no code at all. Also, the latest technological developments like AI based RMAD frameworks have unique features like in-depth research analysis based on data mining. It is a model which uses reusable software, prototyping, informal team communications and many more for developing high standard and efficient products as quick as possible.

Why is RMAD popular?

Apart from making quick apps within weeks as per the inputs and requirement, RMAD has many features to make it popular among app developing companies.

  • It provides App Development engineers with the incorporated system to planning, creating, testing, and keeping up their adaptable applications.
  • Its tools enable cross-platform development of mobile applications for all devices with any kind of operating systems like iOS or Android. The less coding or no coding feature of RAMD helps developers without fluency in various programming languages for mobile devices.
  • Any kind of app including the native, web, and hybrid could be developed with the RMAD platform.
  • RMAD with features like pre-built templates and modules will suit any specific requirements of any industries to enable the developers to develop blueprints with less time
  • Various tools could be added to the RMAD platform which even includes as many as 500 APIs
  • Enables users to drag and drop in a graphical user interface (GUI) to build cross-platform applications with less coding knowledge. This is due to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of RMAD

The importance of RMAD in enterprise mobility:

The biggest advantage of RMAD is enterprise mobility. With 60 % of the world’s population now using smart phones, Enterprise Mobility is at a rapid pace with organizations. This not only increases the growth of enterprises but also facilitates various functions saving time, work and money. The following are the benefits of RMAD utilized by many successful enterprise mobility providing companies.

  • RMAD is far superior to the complex Mobile Enterprise Application Platform or MEAP in many ways. It is difficult to move from one MEAP to another which makes enterprise mobility difficult with a number of operating systems in various devices.
  • With RMAD IDE or integrated development environment enables rapid prototyping to check if the app will be widely used. This will enable to rapidly construct an immediate basic application.
  • The custom user interface can be created with scripting and drag-and-drop options of certain RMAD platforms.

There are many RMAD platforms and the best could be the one to provide all the best features including the ones that could enhance Enterprise Mobility within short time limits.

RMAD does build mobile application solutions quickly, while Mobile Application Development Platform, MADP offers customized custom applications for business-specific end-user experience.

Platforms Kony and OutSystems are leaders in rapid application development.

Kony offers everything an organization needs with an amazing omni-channel application support to excel in rich user experience and realize value added business expectations. At Enterprise Touch, Kony capability expertise through Rapid Application Development to industry-agnostic customer centric solutions are delivered swiftly.

OutSystems offers custom application development with native support for agile development and delivers application faster with low-code development. Enterprise Touch’s Low-Code Development using OutSystems agile platform capabilities helps build enterprise-grade applications rapidly to meet business demands quicker than anticipated.

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