Have you tried to manage digital transformation through in – house IT application development team? With rapidly changing technology it is becoming increasing ly difficult and time – consuming. More and more enterprises are opting for Application Development Managed Service Provider for numerous reasons . Few important reasons being they provide proactive management to business, on-demand support, knowledge , and expertise needed for business and on the whole simplifying IT expenses.

How to zero in on the right application development managed service provider for Digital Transformation ? Here are 4 considerations to look for


Managed Service Provider should provide resources for enterprise mobility to be successful. Not any resource, but the ones with the needed expertise to carry out transforming business process and aligning them with organizational goals. Organizational needs should match with the capabilities of the provider and their technology partners if any. They should be capable of getting to know the pulse and should be a solid foundation and extension to existing IT strategy.

Standing out in the preferred market with the know-how of the new and emerging technology trends and be informed about the same is very vital. Preferred managed service provider should act as an adviser towards the suitable approach that is ideal for IT needs. In this digital industrial revolution era, new technologies are rolled out at a rapid pace and also loads of demand to implement them into business processes pushes each organization to outperform their competitors. Equally, end-users are demanding new tools in solutions delivered, so go for a provider who use the right tools and who has room to grow in offering end-user experience than device level experience.  


Managed Service Provider should thrive on stabilized internal processes to move forward and to scale up in the ever-changing custom application development arena. Its incredibly vital for providers to have a plan with smart goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timed in handling business outcomes. Managed Service Provider as a digital transformation solution enabler should have flexible models that are structured and offer right business plans and solution models that are custom-made for businesses. Better-fit, standard-based and compliant-adhered model gives more time thereby more money and more space for business. IT standards of Managed Service Provider should eliminate any service disruptions of existing business processes.


Hybrid infrastructure that is all-encompassing should be in place to handle on-demand requirements. The Provider should support according to the preferred time zone to help stay competitive thereby reducing costs and down-time. Capable to support multiple channels and form factors along with adequate and needed development tools and resources is must-have when looking to partner up with potential Application Development Managed Service Provider. Infrastructure should sit on a resilient network and communication system for convergence. Important of all, irrespective of the size of the company, Managed Service Provider should be able to scale up to support business needs. Managed Service Provider’s geolocation, accessibility, seating capacity, other amenities offer a value addition.

Company values

Managed Service Provider should be versatile to perform many different functions that are in demand. When the need arises, they should advise and educate on the best way to succeed in the organization’s business outcome roadmap. The proactive mindset in dealing challenges, their focus should be on working better-fit model for the customer than what works for their own benefit. Maintaining vendor relationships with a process in place to know customer feedback, to carry out research and in studying the competition and extended services using their expertise can definitely save time and money. They should scale up, track and apply metrics and have a process to make businesses successful.

There are Application Development Managed Service Providers who help in more than one way. Consider a managed service partner who can really bring down the pressure of handling too many things. Push the digital transformation enterprise mobility projects to managed service provider if there is a feeling that when done in-house it cannot do complete justice to the project.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for each and every industry/sector. Business processes are bitten by the enterprise mobility bug and government and public sector is no different. There may exist some challenges when it comes to e-governance transformation and/or in digital transformation public sector.

Enterprise Touch’s ET Core product for mobilizing Oracle E-Business Suite with its in-built connectors speeds up digital transformation and ensures quick time-to-market. With rapid application development on Native approach or platform approach, Enterprise Touch as an Application Development Managed Service Provider offers end-to-end digital transformation solutions. In partnership with world leaders in rapid and low code application development, Kony and OutSystems, Enterprise Touch’s offshore application development model suits varied business needs of industry-specific transformations.

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