Built on user centric perception, Al Ghurair Readymix is fused..

Built on user centric perception, Al Ghurair Readymix is fused in with much intuitiveness and cognitive business dynamics
Al Ghurair Construction Readymix is perfectly placed to serve the ever-growing needs of complex infrastructure projects in the Middle East. With more than 30 years of expertise in producing over 1.8 million cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete product per annum, they have delivered more than 100 projects till date. Some of their major projects are Dubai Metro - UAE, Al Ghurair centre - Dubai, Council of ministries - Qatar, Barwa commercial avenue - Qatar.

The major challenge which Al Ghurair Readymix customers and sales employees were facing was placing an order for a ready-mixed concrete product and tracking them for their construction site. The sales employee of Al Ghurair visiting the customer site captures the customer requirement in a piece of paper and hands it over to the admin manually. Manual handling of the details was error prone and some times order data was completely lost. Customers were unable to track their specific orders and AG Readymix wanted to transform this process digitally.

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Enterprise Touch came up with a solution proposal offering AG Readymix a mobile application using Kony platform. We implemented this app for UAE region enabling AG Readymix’s employees and customers to place orders and to track day wise order status. With this app placing orders on the move, tracking order status, tracking the truck location that carries the concrete products was streamlined and the solution made compatible to all the device channels.

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Brings down delivery cycle time

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Notification to admin on new order to create a quotation

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Mail alert on quotation to user

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Analytics on monthly invoices

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Share the delivery tickets or invoices via social media

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Improve work flow and efficiency

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Built on user centric perception, Al Ghurair Readymix is fused..
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