Strategic alliance with MADP Leader Kony

We empower and thrive on business-tech potential through substantial partnership with key market players to innovate and drive digital transformation. We are proud partners with Kony, and together we bring value to your business. Enterprise Touch’s collaboration with Kony is long term with multiple projects across divergent industries thanks to Kony RAD platform.


Kony is a mobile app development platform MADP that allows developers to build native or cross-platform apps using a single codebase and mobile back-end as a service enables omni-channel experience to cover all devices and operating systems. Kony offers perfect app development solutions for organizations that are into complex and rapid application development.Dwelling deep on our capability, ET and Kony comes together to be synergistic in many ways.

If you are looking for mobile first approach, going for rapid mobile application development for quick time to market fits the bill perfectly. Cross platform app using Kony simplifies code and encourages reusable code. Single code base working on multiple platforms efficiently brings down cost overheads. Ease of deployment disrupts existing solutions and offers an effective and responsive app that can work on any major mobile operating systems with single unified codebase that is streamlined too. Pre-built back end integration and industry level security leads to effortless operations

To deliver highly disruptive quick solutions
Cater to all service-industry specific enterprise mobility

Our capability lies in extensive implementations of cross platform mobile applications using Kony. Game changing applications for industries like transportation, telecom, health care, government, retail, manufacturing, public works etc are successfully mobilized

Seamless, personalized and proactive engagement of the customer with your mobile application drives your business growth and takes you higher. We provide powerful multi channel access of your app connecting to a variety of smart devices without any hassle

Powerful channel engagement
Holistic Kony Mobile Development solution

Experience the reality of write once run everywhere, change once run everywhere with our solution to your business challenge. Our holistic approach to your requirement sits on proven platform for scalable and future proof solutions. We have strong Kony certified team with domain and technical expertise to make you enterprise mobility-successful. Kony mobile and web development connects and integrates with any of the external systems for data orchestration and mobilization.